The Perfect Ride For Every Stride

Every gait is unique. Your left and right foot may be slightly different sizes or arch types. Limb alignment is a major contributing factor to our footwear category. These are all factors that we take into consideration when consulting with you to find the proper footwear for your activity, intensity, and volume.

Did you know?

80% of the population is wearing the WRONG shoe! The wrong shoe (size, style, type, or category) can increase your potential for injury, or worse—aggravate the one you already have. At Sneaker Factory Running Centers, getting the right shoe is essential to maintaining healthy and active lifestyle. We have developed the Factory Fit process to help assure you are in the 20% of the population wearing the proper shoe!

1. Personal Profile

We will take a detailed personal history and will assess your overall needs. This includes identifying: the purpose for your shoes, past injuries, goals, and activity, volume/intensity. 

2. Gait Analysis

Next, through an assessment of your movement, we will determine your limb alignment. The body and arch in motion and your limb alignment tells us a lot about how much support your foot and body will need to keep you exercising healthfully.

3. Foot Measurement & Scanning

We begin by measuring your foot by hand to ensure you are in a shoe of the proper size and width. Next, we use a 3D foot scan to assess your foot/arch shape, arch depth and height, and pressure distribution on the bottom of your foot. Your foot scan will be used to determine your personal footwear's cushion and stability level, as well as determine which insole type will be best suited for your foot.

4. Shoe Selection

We will take all of this important information and will select shoes that are best suited for you. We stock 60+ different footwear models and will work together with you to select the shoe that is right for you. Once you try them on, we will check the fit and width to ensure it's the optimal choice for you.

5. Test Drive and Feedback

We encourage our customers to take the selected shoes for a test drive. This can be done in the store, on the treadmill, or outside on the sidewalk (if weather permits). We welcome your feedback. Do you prefer the softer or firmer underfoot feel? Do the shoes feel too heavy or flexible? What feedback is your foot and body giving you? We want to know so we can dial in the fit process even further! 

6. Trial Period

We allow all purchases to be tested at home for a period of 14 days. Run in them, take them to the gym, or even do an interval session at the track. Should you have any issues, give us a call or stop in and we will exchange them or provide a store credit to you - no questions asked. We only ask that you keep the box, original packaging and the receipt.

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